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There can be no hope of saving the environment if people's basic needs are still lacking.

Increasing the standard of living in the third world means giving opportunities for people to get education and vocational training. Moreover, the knowledge from the time spent at school will give them the ability to further themselves as part of a productive and ecologically sound society.

Basic skills incorporated into the school's curriculum will help older children earn extra/secondary income for their families. It is through the rewards that such a program will instill, that parents will be given huge incentives to keep their children in the educational process. Sometimes what are considered the most basic skills, could provide a door for an entire generation of under-privileged youths to enter into the benefits of the modern world.

Some of these traditional skills include:
  • Carpentry
  • Handicraft
  • Knitting
  • Basic home/mechanical/electrical repair skills
Photo : Bruno Alves
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